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Conor Oberst brought his head-banging punk band to Turner Hall, inciting a mosh pit, spitting on stage and covering The Clash. more

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Photo by Steven Cohen

Penn & Teller bring the magic, Grafton brings the blues, Tosa brings the party and TRUE Skool brings the jams. more

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It's been 13 years since Conor Oberst's punk band Desaparecidos released its debut album, Read Music / Speak Spanish , a politically charged record steeped in Bush-era dread, and now they're back with a follow-up: Payola , an equally charged recor.. more

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Lithic has been kicking around the Milwaukee hard-rock scene for a decade, but with the release of their new EP Drowning , they’re redoubling their efforts to make a name for themselves outside the Midwest. Produced by Eric more

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The real winners in the 2008 presidential campaign—aside from, of course, the Democr Shepherd ,Today in Milwaukee more

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