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“We can do this all night,” GGOLLDD’s Margaret Butler sings over the coy house synths that open her band’s latest EP, and given the context, you can be forgiven for mistaking what she’s singing about. GGOOLLDD’s songs are never just about fucki.. Read more

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In the summer of 2009, the Dirty Projectors made a brash statement. Frontman Dave Longstreth demonstrated that sharp guitar riffs, gratuitous vocal theatrics and numerous time measure changes wouldn’t... Read more

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Dirty Projectors will headline the Pabst Theater on Saturday, July 14, the venue announced this morning. The restless indie-rock ensemble will be playing just days after the July 10 release of its sixth album, <em>Swing Lo Magellan</em>, its forma.. Read more

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Dave Longstreth hadn’t intended for the Dirty Projectors to become a real band. He took on the name in 2002 to package what were essentially solo albums, which he recorded with a large, rotating cast of musicians. More than two dozen player... Read more

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Hanrahan’s new book, Life After Favre, records journeys and insights that tell the s Life After Favre ,Books Read more


Now I'm not saying I dislike the Dirty Projectors' lauded new album Bitte Orca. But I will say that halfway through the album, the group's chirping, incessant backing singers hit a note so shrill that I literally ripped off my headphones on impuls.. Read more

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PasTa Tree 1503 N. Farwell Ave. (414) 276-8867 $$$ Credit Cards: MC, VS Smoke-Free ,Dining Out Read more

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   "New Intersections: Form and Meaning in Design," the current exhibit in the Brooks Stevens Gallery at MIAD is, as it intends to be, completely fun and very provocative. As consumer,Art Read more

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