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Celsius 232 is surprisingly creative and efficient at portraying a dystopian future where critical thought has gone extinct. Read more

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In the newly restored North Milwaukee Arthaus, Quasimondo Theatre will produce Celsius 232, an adaptation of the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. Read more

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Dubbed an “exotic drama,” award-winning Slovenian playwright Rok Vilčnik’s script reinvents the recognizable characters of Tarzan and Jane, in a world where anything is possible. Read more

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Cooperative Performance stages the stories of contemporary immigrants with its debut production of Ellis. Read more


The Shepherd’s recurring “Where They Drink" segment features Kelly Coffee and Don Russell. Read more


Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents primal, abstract physical theatre in condensed space and time with CAMBRIAN. Read more


It’s described as “A magical fantasy told with text, music, movement and a Rube Goldberg Machine.” Who WOULDN’T want to be a part of that? Next year, Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents Fruition of a Delusion. Written and directed by Kel.. Read more


This week offers live performance art aficionados quite a variety of choices. Milwaukee Opera Theatre hosts the premiere of Victory for Victoria. Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents a sound-and-movement-based take on the Cambrian Era... Read more

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There’s a walkthrough of geological time in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. It’s a humbling experience to walk through the whole history of the planet. My littlest daughter loved to run through the angry red extinctions. Yo.. Read more

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Cooperative Performance Milwaukee’s iTopia draws effectively from Gertrude Stein’s iteration of the Faustian myth, Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights. Employing excerpts from the text, choreography and dramatic scenes, it brings Stein’s 1938 ... Read more



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Commerce moves much faster these days than it ever has. Everyone’s carrying around every catalogue imaginable in their pockets on the same devices we’re using to connect-up with each other. This heightened connectivity is going to be doing s.. Read more


Closing The World’s Stage Theatre Company’s ’14-’15 “History, Justice, Onward” season is Martin Sherman’s Bent, a powerful story of survival, self-identity and acceptance of love during the Third Reich. Bent runs July 10-19 at Tenth Stre... Read more


Alchemist Theatre stages a fresh, new psychological thriller, Suicide Sleep, by Aaron Kopec. Read more


Quiet expectancy colors the opening notes on this pair of Shostakovich symphonies. No. 2 was commissioned in 1927 to honor the Bolshevik Revolution’s 10th anniversary, but its modernist evocation of emotional and physical violence put it un... Read more

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Though they’re inspired more by The Grateful Dead’s twangy, jammy tributes to Americana than bluegrass’ Appalachian forefathers, Hot Buttered Rum is nonetheless one of the more traditional modern bluegrass (“newgrass”) acts, Read more

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With their face paint, flamboyant outfits and flaming guitars, KISS branded themselves as the most theatrical rockers of the 1970s. Following a string of moderately successful records, the risky double live album Alive! brought the band the... Read more

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Though it was the country charts that gave Mary Chapin Carpenter her biggest hits in the ’80s and ’90s, Carpenter was never fully comfortable being labeled as a country artist, since her music also touched on folk, rock and pop that didn&rs... Read more

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