Scientists shrink humans to five inches tall to solve the population crisis in Alexander Payne’s brilliantly devastating satire that lets no side of any issue off with easy answers. Read more

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In its first two listening sessions, the new OUR Milwaukee County initiative drew more than 160 people speaking out about the proposed downsizing and reform of Milwaukee County government. Read more

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Since most conversations about the Milwaukee County Board are now focused on attempts to reduce supervisors’ positions to part-time ones, it’s easy to overlook two races—in districts 2 and 17—that will be decided by the Read more

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Milwaukeeans are no fools—when they sense that something isn’t right, they will speak out, and that’s exactly what happened following the Abele/Sanfelippo power play. Read more

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As someone whose first reporting job in Milwaukee was as a backup reporter covering county government under its first county executive, I certainly understand those who harbor a strong desire to destroy the Milwaukee Read more

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