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On Find Me Finding You, the first full-length from Laetitia Sadier’s third real group, the Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble tries to deflect comparisons to her previous two groups, Monade and the Space Age-adoring, colorful drink-inspiring, ... Read more

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Photo credit: CJ Foeckler

Beach House locked into the crowd’s energy during an easy-going show Monday night at the Pabst. Read more

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Angelina Krahn this week wrote a great article about the hermetic Will Oldham, and how his old-fashioned ideals could cap his music career. It's a must-read. Some wonky background on the interview itself: Interestingly, Oldham's publicist reques.. Read more

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Alongwith the album’s country-leaning roots rockers, listeners of Same Old M Same Old Man ,CD Reviews Read more

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