Milwaukee Thirsty Passport,a bar and restaurant drink special curator, will host a launch party withDock18, Twisted Path Distillery and Bittercube on Thursday, June 23. Anyonewith a passport will receive free entry to the party and a cer.. Read more

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I was fortunate enough to (finally!) get to Read more

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Festivals around Milwaukee, WI. Read more

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The differences between men and women are funny. I know this. Although, after a class in the psychology of men and women in the mid 1990s, I also know that the only real difference is physical and biological. Everything else is a product of social.. Read more


Our city’s local establishments enjoy hosting great events everyholiday and Halloween is no exception. If you’re looking to spend some goodscares with the family or hit the town for drinks in costume, here are a fewworthwhile suggestions.  Marc.. Read more

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Film has been a primary influence on guitaristKalle Kalima—at least as a composer if not as a musician. Recent albums by theFinnish-born Berlin resident have been dedicated to Stanley Kubrick and DavidLynch. On his latest,.. Read more

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The self-proclaimed least popular member of the comedy troupe Kids in the Hall, Kevin McDonald will teach a two-day comedy writing workshop at ComedySportz Milwaukee on Nov. 16 and 17. McDonald, who has appeared on more than a dozen sitcoms and a .. Read more

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Milwaukee\'s near-zero-waste music festival Rock the Green will accept a $25,000 Joint Effort Marketing grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism on Thursday morning in Veterans Park, the site of the festival. The grant will be used to advert.. Read more

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Just in case you haven't heard it elsewhere, Sunday's game time is subject to change, based on the outcome of Saturday's ALCS game. As it stands, ALCS Game 7 is scheduled for Sunday night, meaning the Brewers are currently scheduled to play at 3.. Read more

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The revolution has begun again in earnest. Going back even before the first Dylan album to recordings that are as noticeable for their profound invisibility as The Basement Tapes, we find hidden authenticity that defies all of the easily fo... Read more

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Some of the most exotic creatures on Earth are found not on land but in the sea. The visually stunning IMAX documentary Under The Sea travels to the Great Barrier Reef, South Australia, and the Coral Triangle islands to film some of Read more

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A small crowd formed in front of the stage as The Smoking Popes took the stage last Friday, leaving the remainder of the meager audience dispersed through the rest of the hall. Occasionally the sparse ballroom was illuminated by giant flash... Read more

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From 1978 to 2001, Pabst Blue Ribbon was a brand in decline. It wasn’t hip, it hadn’t yet developed that retro cachet we all know it to possess today, and it certainly wasn’t selling. That all changed when Pabst Brewing Co. launched a wo Read more

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The assassination of John F. Kennedy caused a rupture in the psyche of many Americans. The History Channel documentary “JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America” (out on DVD) allows pictures from the event to speak for themselves with the aid of editori.. Read more

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The southwest corner ofFarwell and North has been home to bars for nearly a century. Duri  / 2235 N. FarwellAve., Milwaukee, 414-272-1775 / Open daily from ,Eat/Drink Read more

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As a true wine-making varietal, Torrontés is grown almostexclusively in Argentina. pisco, ,The Naked Vine Read more


I've had a chance to dig into the mailbag and give some well-deserved recognition to some Our favorite cheapies this year have been two Rhone reds: Abel Clement Cotes du Rhone and ,The Naked Vine Read more


I know that I focus a lot on what to eat with grilled food during seasons like this, but I'm just as likely to want something light when it's blazing hot. I'm perfectly happy with a big ol' dinner salad most nights, but that doesn't chang... Read more


"Chateau Libido isn't one of our usual selections. Shall I unscrew it for you?" Screwcaps and cheap wine have a long association. For years, only wines of last resort had screwtops instead of corks. These wines ge,The Naked Vine Read more


Some holiday customs are so old and established that, as a culture, we've lost sight of th New-Jersey Journal ,Eat/Drink Read more

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