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Barton Fink Mosquitos and blank white pages torment the writer Barton Fink. He was a rising, socially conscious playwright, the hottest toast on Broadway, but in a Faustian bargain, he’s under,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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In Bridge of Spies, Director Steven Spielberg and his screenwriters invented within the confines of their source book, Strangers on a Bridge, in which an American insurance lawyer recounts his role in negotiating a U2 pilot’s release in exc... Read more

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I Hate Hollywood

Folksinger Llewyn Davis leans into the dim spotlight shining down onto the stage, playing guitar with homespun eloquence, eyes closed as he sings a ballad that was old before he was born. Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a modestly popular performer i... Read more

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The Big Lebowski came and went without ringing much change at box offices during its theatrical release... Read more

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Iron & Wine songwriter Sam Beam has a lot more company these days. In the years since the lovely, lo-fi folk albums The Creek Drank the Cradle (2002) and Our Endless Numbered Days (2004), countless other bearded folk singers Read more

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In March, Harry Jackson, 26, was in jail in Woodbine, Ga., on several minor charges such as driving on a suspended license. However, allegedly bending to pressure from fellow inmates, Jackson agreed to break out of jail, steal cigarettes at... Read more

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