We’ve all seen and heard Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke give his over-the-top support to the gun rights movement. Now we’re wondering if his position is based on principle or profit. more

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Both Joe Donald and JoAnne Kloppenburg are highly qualified, principled jurists who would help to restore the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s tarnished reputation to its previous high regard. They have earned the Shepherd’s endorsement and your v... more

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Recently I foundmyself at the bus stop situated at the intersection of Humboldt and Locust. Iwas waiting for the 22 bus to UWM – or, more specifically, to Union Theatre –for a screening of Elaine May’s 1976 film “Mikey an.. more

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Pre-election state-of-the-state speeches by governors are even more dishonest than they are in other years. In Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s speech, he pretended Wisconsin’s job creation was booming when it trails most other states, having... more

Taking Liberties

Reaction to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker being named the sixth worst governor in the nation by a non-partisan, national organization tracking ethics in government more

Taking Liberties

By all accounts, Hillary Rodham Clinton has not yet decided whether to seek the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. But the prospect of her candidacy, combined with her undeniable popularity, is agitating certain more

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How the Supreme Court majority will rule on President Obama's Affordable Care Act may well have been foretold... more

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Although conceived as a dumping ground for songs rejected by his band, the Old 97’s, Rhett Miller’s 2002 solo debut, The Instigator , earned far more attention and airplay than any Old 97’s release before it. Miller didn’t more

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It’s interesting viewing pop culture through the perspective on fame envisioned by Cintra Wilson. If, as she states, fame could truly be said to be a “grotesque, crippling disease,” then there’s little doubt that it’s a disease so insidious tha.. more


For anyone who followed the storyof how and why Sarah Palin fired her state's publi © 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc. What's your take? Write: or comment ,News Features more

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Reverence for Genesis' early Peter Gabriel output is so great that there are no less than New York Times ,Today in Milwaukee more

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