Federico Fellini

In Remember, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor with dementia, Zev (Christopher Plummer) is sent on a mission by his non-ambulatory friend, Max (Martin Landau). The plan is for Zev to kill an equally aged Auschwitz guard who had evaded justic... more

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In Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s acclaimed 1999 film (out on Blu-ray), a Teheran television crew finds its way to a remote village to film local funeral more

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Federico Fellini's The Clowns (1970) was marvelously groundbreaking—a facetious documentary about making a documentary on the alleged demise of the circus, prefaced by the director's childhood memory of the circus coming to his small town in 193.. more

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Thenew place is the site of the former Elm Grove Inn, which originated inthe 1850s. With its wide variety of flowering plants, the frontporch is an inviting place to sit. The interior has been remodel,Dining Out more

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