You have to love guys who don't take themselves too seriously.Apprently this all stated as a joke for the guys to give to their position coach, but since it turned out so well, they sent it to the whole staff. One of them, it seems, leaked it .. Read more

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The rain that’s soaked the city for the last week should be mostly over with, and with the dew points lowering and the sun emerging, that should make for near-perfect weather at Mexican Fiesta, the annual blowout which continues its three-d... Read more

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Through Jan. 18, 2009, seven winners of the 2007 Mary L. Nohl Fellowship awards exhibit th Handmade Nation, ,Theater Read more

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Can't believe the two big receivers for the Packers have been Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley.Also can't believe that the O-Line sucks as much this season as they did the last. I mean, it was obviously going to be rough, but at least last seaso.. Read more

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