Revisited '90s Japanese classic 'Ringu' creeps into the imagination like a silent stalker. Read more

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Grammy-nominated saxophonist Miguel Zenón has released an emotionally vibrant album of eight commissioned works that draw on his native Puerto Rico’s folklore. Read more

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For its fifth album, the Brazilian prog band Dialeto collaborate with King Crimson’s David Cross. The result is outstanding in its field. Read more

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The “2015 Milwaukee Latino Carnaval” will take place fromWednesday, July 22nd through Saturday, July 25th.The Carnaval will include the following events takingplace over the four day period: Stories and Colors of the Milwaukee LatinoCarnav.. Read more

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Tragically, shootings in small town America have become all too frequent. Author Thomas Maltman chronicles one community’s reaction to a deadly shooting in his new book Little Wolves. This meditation on violence centers Read more


Brooklyn’s breakthrough post-punk band Interpol lost longtime bassist Carlos Dengler shortly after finishing their upcoming, self-titled record, but they found a suitable backup for their latest live tour: David Pajo, the former Slint Read more

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