Fountains Of Wayne

“If you come to a fork in the road, pick it up—you may need it later,” explains musician Glenn Boren, whose long and winding road brought him to the founding of Trophy Guitar Straps. Today, Trophy’s recreated vintage straps... Read more

Off the Cuff

Released nearly a decade ago, New York pop-rock group Fountains of Wayne's sarcastically groovy 2003 full-length album, <i>Welcome Interstate Managers</i>, brought them into the limelight with their best-known hit, the MILF anthem... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

If there were any doubts that Summerfest has abandoned its short-sighted, <a href=\"/blog-3545-how-baby-boomers-conquered-summerfest.html\">boomers-first strategy</a> of the mid-\'00s, the recent tide of 2012 headliner announcements should have th.. Read more

On Music

Angry and brash, but with a genuine sense of humility, Australian stand-up Jim Jefferies made a name for himself in England, and now seems poised to invade the states. On the heels of a one-hour comedy special for HBO, Jefferies has embarke... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

2009 ComedySportz World Championship @ ComedySportz, 7 p.m. Itsounds like the setup to a bad joke—and no doubt it will prompt afew—but this afternoon at 1 p.m.,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee