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The Milwaukee Public Museum followed up its popular "Body Worlds" exhibition with another high-profile exhibit that has broken records at museums around the world, "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition." This loaded exhibit tells the st,To more

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While critics are reserving their heaviest fire for the mostly innocuous Asher Roth, a one-man Flobot with delussional Eminem aspirations, a much more obnoxious monster is gaining traction: Cage The Elephant. Through means I don't full.. more

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Sorry fans of the short-lived ABC sitcom “Cavemen,” the touring production of Defending the Caveman ,Today in Milwaukee more

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If your pants are still fitting properly, then you have not been taking proper advantage of Downtown Dining Week. Through Thursday, restaurants all over the city will continue offering special three-course,Today in Milwaukee more

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Tuesday we get a chance to tell the nation how this blue state, with an open primary, feels about Barack and Hillary. There have been no polls to speak of and so we go with our gut. In watching the Democratic Party fundraiser last nigh.. more

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Fourteen years after their novelty single "Cold Beverage" became a fluke MTVhit Arthur, the Boy Who Would be King ,Today in Milwaukee more

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