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 A plague of zombies invadesmovie theaters once again with the arrival of World War Z , a production that endured its own plague of rewritesand reshoots. Bringing the story to the screen was enough to test the mettle ofeven a fearless m.. more

I Hate Hollywood

 Therecent visit to the U.S. by Aung Sun Suu Kyi is an auspicious time for TheLady , a film dramatizing her struggle against the brutal military rulers of herhomeland, Burma (Myanmar). Aung earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 for hercampaign .. more

I Hate Hollywood

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<p> The <em>Titanic</em> already captured the public imagination while under construction and its maiden voyage was much anticipated. The mammoth liner was an engineering marvel with all modern conveniences, even in steerage. First-class passenge.. more

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Paul Simon\'s 1980 film, One-Trick Pony, was not autobiographical, strictly speaking, but probably mirrored his career anxiety as the \'70s segued into the \'80s. It came five years after the hit-making album Still Crazy After All These Years an.. more

I Hate Hollywood

A pleasant retro-farce, Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies is a fun trip to the theatre. It’s set in the ‘50’s. A pair of down-on-their-luck British actors pretend to be long-lost relatives of an old woman on her death bed. As you might imagine, the rel.. more


We can no longer take for granted that the natural wonders of the world will live on forever, much less our favorite rivers or national parks. For some locations, tourism has taken its toll on fragile eco-systems. For many others the onslaught of.. more

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After a rough summer that found him struggling with continued conflicts in his band, Fresh Cut Collective, and being fired from his day job at Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee rapper Adebisi moved to New York on a whim last August. "I was struggling in M.. more

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On her sophomore record Wounded Rhymes, sullen Swedish romantic Lykke Li and returning producer Bjorn Yttling scrap the future-pop of her debut for a decidedly retro pastiche of girl-group harmonies, doo-wop melodies, surf guitars and psychedel.. more

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  There are countless challenges and difficulties with bringing one of the most beloved holiday films in history to a live theatre stage. The Sunset Playhouse does an admirable job of this with its production of It’s A Wonderful Life. Adapted f.. more


As the final weeks of outdoor summer theatre make their way across various stages in remote parts of the state, a somewhat more local park will be hosting a trio of Irish shorts at the end of the month. Lapham Peak State Park plays host to two.. more


Quirky charm is no substitute for heart and soul in Artois the Goat, an award winner on the indie festival circuit out now on DVD. The film by the Bogart Brothers concerns the connoisseurship of artisanal cheese and the romantic tangles of young p.. more

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I don't do too much Bucks blogging because I am just not a big NBA fan. But I have to say that with these two signings and the return of Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut - there's reason to be excited for next season. The signings are enough to.. more

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Somewhere along the way, however, Democrats decidedthey were far more comfortable in their usual state of disarray. And as media turned increasingly tabloid, someprominent leaders had prurient details of their personal lives passed around... more

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We’re not going to argue that Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is doing astellar job Milwaukee ,Expresso more

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The race to succeed Gov. Jim Doyle takes shape Shepherd. ,News Features more

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 Does the governor’s fix for Milwaukee’s bus system truly reflect what Milwaukee voters want?  In June, when Gov. Ji,News Features more

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%uFFFD They were kicked out of North Carolina,are constitutionally banned in Arkansas Shepherd ,None more

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The 4th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival kicked off its third day with a series of groups from out of state. Local comic Kevin Gerrity opened the early show with some stand-up. 17 years old, Gerrity’s stand-up felt very natural. So much stand-up.. more