Milwaukee metallic punks Brain-Bats revel in Z-grade horror and sci-fi on their debut single. Read more

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The Milwaukee straightedge hardcore band Verdict asks the big questions on their volcanic new EP. Read more

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It’s not easy being in a straightedge punk band in a city like Milwaukee. It’s even harder when you’re still in high school. Read more

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Milwaukee hardcore legends Seven Days of Samsara are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band by breaking up. Read more

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Dave Lombardo discusses his transition to hardcore and why Mike Patton puts cookie-monster vocalists to shame. Read more

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After eight eventful years, Milwaukee road warriors Expire are calling it quits with a final show this weekend. Read more

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The Milwaukee punk label Triple Eye Industries celebrates its two-year anniversary with two nights of shows at the Cactus Club. Read more

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Did the world need another Dead Kennedys show? As it turns out, yes. Read more

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A Milwaukee hardcore punk classic gets a proper reissue for Record Store Day. Read more

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A soup-centric restaurant will be opening this spring at 1433 N. Jefferson.Zoup!, a Michigan-based chain, features 12 daily rotating soups, including lowfat, low calorie, vegetarian and gluten free options. Varieties include chickenpotpie, lobs.. Read more

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The turn of the century was an eventful time for Milwaukee music. While artists as diverse as Coo Coo Cal and Citizen King found moderate success on major labels Read more

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Music writers come with a lot of biases, some of them obvious and others less so, but here's one of the most fundamental ones: We're more likely to cover bands with built-in angles. Artists that have singular sounds or unusual back stories tend to.. Read more

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Pretty Low, the new album from Milwaukee-based hardcore act Expire, wastes little time in setting the mood that dominates the record’s 11 tracks. Over a metal-infused Read more

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Appleton, Wis. is kicking off the summertime music festival season with the sonic equivalent of a punch to the face. No Tomorrow Festival, taking place June 14 and 15 (with a pre-show occurring Fri,Music Feature Read more

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Milwaukee's Seven Day of Samsara never formally broke up, but you could be forgiven for assuming they had. It's been about a half decade since the mathy, violently heavy turn-of-the-century hardcore band played their last show, and even longer sin.. Read more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners. In this introductory piece, we spoke with Martin Defatte—former mem,Music Feature Read more

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You don’t have to look far beyond the annual barrage of obligatory year-end best-of lists to realize that we often use music as a way of marking time, not only in our own Read more

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 Thebig push is on for Big Star. One of the most admired cult bands from the '70sare now the subject of a book, Rob Jovanovic's Big Star: The Story of Rock'sForgotten Band ; a CD compilation, The Very Best of Big Star ; and .. Read more

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Concert lineups, like everything else in life, are subject to change, but smaller shows at neighborhood hole-in-the-wall clubs like Quarters have a flexibility and a community about them that makes oc,Concert Reviews Read more

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Of Milwaukee’s many venues, the Circle-A Café often gets somewhat overlooked, probably because, in all honesty, it’s not much of a venue at all. Tucked away on an odd Riverwest intersection, the neighborhood watering hole has Read more

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