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Hat tip to Ryan Miller for introducing me to this track on last night's Indie Soundcheck: NOFX's new single, "Creeping Out Sara," an apparently somewhat true story recounting Fat Mike's run-in with one of the Quin sisters from Tegan and Sara (ther.. Read more

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You'll remember that last season I proposed a deal between Brewers fans and Royals fans to facilitate our small-town players in getting All-Star votes.Well I'm a bit more on the ball this year and All-Star voting started before the first month of .. Read more

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MPS is providing a family-friendly guide to its swine-flu-related school closures, which now stand at 17. The guide is available in English, Spanish and Hmong. The city health commissioner has just closed Hamilton High, the MPS’s la.. Read more

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This game had it all -Bill Hall started in left and subsequently left with a hamstring cramp in the second inningChris Duffy replaced Hall in left field and made a beautiful catch while running into the wallMikeCameron also ran into the wall, tho.. Read more

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Posting this just because I think it's so awesome.Mike Cameron is just 4 home runs away from joining the 250 HR/25o SB club, which right now has just 19 members.With 291 stolen bases, it's actually not out of the realm of possibility that Cam coul.. Read more

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When Melbourne police detective James Jewel is called away to a murder scene in the middle of the night, his wife admonishes, “If it gets crazy, don’t be a hero this time, OK?” Apparently, shrinking from responsibility is not OK in his book. Det.. Read more

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   The idea of punk rock as an antidote to bloated, spectacle-ridden rock 'n' roll has become a standard trope in many versions of popular music history. This stripped-down, simplistic style of,Local Music Read more

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The Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival kicks off its 10-day run tonight with a 7:30 p.m. s Were the World Mine ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Popular local actor, comedian—and, increasingly, city spokesman—John McGivern The Wonder Bread Years ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Audiences couldn’t muster much excitement for Michel Gondry’s latest film, Be Be Kind Rewind ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Equipped with their saxophones, trombones and flugelhorns, a dozen-and-a-half women from the Madison area share their love of war-time, big-band-era jazz by performing as the ensemble Ladies Must Swing. Ton,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The San Diego Padres are in town, and they begin their series against the Milwaukee Brewers tonight with a 7:05 p.m. game at Miller Park.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Given Nas’ inability to explain on his previous album exactly why hip-hop was dead, Nigger ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  During the 1970s, Gary Wilson was hanging around his hometown of Endicott, N.Y. He You Think You Really Know Me. He and his band, The Blind Dates, did a few shows, including ,CD Reviews Read more

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Those XCleavers were among the most entertaining and substantial bands from Milwaukee's new wave scene, and probably the most enduring. A reissue of choice material from the 1980s reveals their streamlined ,CD Reviews Read more

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   Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have easily and routinely filled concert venues like the Bradley Center with their thunderous rock 'n' roll, but Saturday's performance at Veterans Pa,None Read more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? “Artie, it’s Jimmy. Listen, I got a question for you.” ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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What was once a gentleman&rs The New York Times ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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