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Suffragette dramatizes London women’s struggle for the right to vote and the most ungentlemanly behavior of the police trying to stop them. Carey Mulligan deserves Oscar consideration for her sad-eyed portrayal of persistence against forces... Read more

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Kenneth Branagh directs a charming film adaptation of Cinderella. Read more

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Certain signs bode ill for the remake of Disney’s classic Cinderella: Start with the entire cast’s overly stylized elocution, and move on to actress Lily James who may as well be Robin Wright’s reincarnation from The Princess Bride. Read more

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Helena Bonham Carter is magnificent—and well out of her recent wacko-role comfort zone—as Elizabeth Taylor in this believable dramatization of a troubled 1983 Broadway run with Richard Burton. Her Taylor is emotionally demanding and alcohol... Read more

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Although Broadway was once a consistent source of audience-tested material for Hollywood, in recent years the traffic has flowed the opposite way in the form of Lion King, Spider-Man and other blockbuster movies remodeled Read more

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A year after it premiered, the gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows” took a strange turn with the arrival of a distant... Read more

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When Barack Obama claimed victory earlier this month, Brother Ali was the first rapper out the gate with a victory track, which was slightly ironic, given that a fury-eyed, Muslim rapper with an infamously ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Seldom has contemporary society been satirized so brutally, or so well, as in Fight Club (1999). Working from the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, director David Fincher’s midnight black comedy poked savage fun at corporate consumer society along with i.. Read more

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