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One might think of gastropubs as upscale bar food, but Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub is true to the real meaning—a pub serving high-quality food and drink. The menu is a creative mix of contemporary American cuisine with a focus on local... Read more

Dining Out

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Botanas II willopen March 2 in the former Patio Banquet Hall at 1421 E. Howard Ave. OwnerMartha Navejar opened Botanas with her husband in 2000, but it no longeraffiliated with the original location. The menu will be similar to that of theorig.. Read more

Happening Now

Kyle Cherek, host of “Wisconsin Foodie” on PBS, knows that good food and good drinks go hand in hand. He believes a skilled bartender can do wonders just like some of the best cooks. “My fiancée tends to follow Read more

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For people who are concerned that the World of Beer franchise won’t offer enough craft beers from the area, relax. There are lots of local brews represented here Read more

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Among the many remarkable things about beer: You can cook with it. For his new book The America Craft Beer Cookbook, journalist and beer aficionado John Holl Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

For being the so-called City of Festivals, Milwaukee sure spends a big chunk of its year without the things. Our city’s festival season ends in October and doesn’t pick up again until April or May, leaving a long stretch without much in the... Read more

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To educate chefs and the general public about heritage pigs, Fox put on an event last fall in Madison called SloPig, an evening of pork tastings and demonstrations. To showcase the meat's versatility, four chefs—including two from Milwaukee... Read more

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Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub, an offshoot of the original Hinterland in Green Bay, became Milwaukee's first gastropub when it opened five years ago. Since then, it has done very well. The interior features an inviting bar and a dining r... Read more

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What would be a good choice of wine to go with a rack of lamb? How about with ahi tuna? Or would I be better off with a beer? Some choices are simple. The general rule says to go with red wines for red meat and whites for seafood. But today... Read more

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Milwaukee’s invaluable contemporary music ensemble Present Music loves to perform in places where the venue inspires the programming. The Wherehouse (818 S. Water St.) on Water Street at the east end of National Avenue is a cool nightclub w... Read more

Classical Music

Traditional jazz/western swing enthusiasts the Lodi Trio return to the Hinterland Erie St All The Way ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

TheGreen Bay brewery opened in 1995, with a restaurant following a fewyears later. Kelly Abominations ,Dining Out Read more

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