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The Tempest set to open this coming April will be Cooperative Performance Milwaukee’s largest to date. There’s a working waterfall. There’s sand onstage. Sounds impressive. Earlier this season, they announced that it was going to be staged in .. Read more


 Filmmaker PaulMcComas is more than just a man with a camera—you might call him a renaissanceperson for his resume as a musician and novelist as well as his work as alow-budget director and film lecturer at Northwestern and .. Read more

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Milwaukee's Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant will host a tapping party for its seasonal Summer Honey Ale on Thursday, July 10. Described as "a refreshing summer beer with a touch of honey," the golden ale is being rolled out along with the restaur.. Read more

Happening Now

Natalie Ryan, the 444 year-old time traveler returns to MIlwaukee this coming summer once more in a sci-fi suspense/drama. For the third summer in a row, Anna Wolfe will play the time-traveler in a script written by Vince Figueroa and Beth Lewin.. Read more


Shane Olivo, Jessi Nakles and Tim Frank of Milwaukee’s plucky keyboard-driven rock band The New Loud seem pretty comfortable in their slow shift from indie rock pros to a synth-layered, computer-geek pop machine. The now-trio has ditched th... Read more

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Rappers and indie rockers seem destined to collaborate. Lately, hip-hop artists have enlisted the help of commercial rock acts—The Roots and Fall Out Boy, for example—and in some cases churned out their own irascible rock (ahem, Lil Wayne),... Read more

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Like a lot of peers weaned on ’90s hip-hop, Missouri rapper Mac Lethal doesn’t much care for the direction commercial rap has headed over the last decade. On his Rhymesayers debut album, 2007’s 11:11, Mac Lethal spits extended, insult-co Read more

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The Hood Internet’s M.O. reads like a cheap formula for big Internet traffic: Take a popular rap or R&B single and pair it with a cult indie-rock song. This Chicago duo seldom plays mash-ups for cheap novelty, though, and instead creates cl... Read more

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Farms in Trouble w/ Crappy Dracula, Fahri @ The Cactus Club, 10 p.m. Farmsin Trouble’s messy, lo-fi pop invites instant comparisons to earlyGuided by Voices, though the group is even more free-spiri,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Janis Ian's autobiography, Society's Child, is an interesting read about mid-20th-century Society's Child ,Books Read more

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One of the highlights of Lollapalooza this year was Perry's, a newly prominent stage for dance and electronic music that drew overflowing, enthusiastic crowds even at odd hours of the day. I spent a good deal of time at that stage, and the act tha.. Read more

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