If this is true, it’s seriously one of the oddest sports crossovers I’ve heard in awhile. AmericanIdol top 3 contestant Danny Gokey is from Milwaukee and he’s in towntoday to get footage for Idol to show during next week’s show. Theycall it hom.. Read more

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The cosmos keeps growing larger, extending beyond anything the human eye can see and confounding the limits of reason. First came other galaxies, a starry sea in which our Milky Way is a mere island; then the Big Bang, in which the universe came .. Read more

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Illinois’ Backyard Tire Fire sing “I want to be Tom Petty, I want to be a star Vagabonds and Hooligans ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Perhaps the most poignant of all documentaries screening at this year’s LGBT Film/Vi Jerusalem Is Proud to Present ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Because they were never solved, the Jack the Ripper murders have been a particularly ripe Ripper ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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