Von Stiehl Winery's Meetthe Makers event is coming up Saturday, June 20th.  Meet the Makers is a unique wine and beer festival with a flavor all its own.The one day festival offerstest batches and unique blends newly released by Von Stiehl Winer.. Read more

Around MKE

Each season arrives with its own specialty brews, from the light, crisp pilsners of summer to the heavy, robust stouts and double bocks of winter. Many of these seasonal offerings fall into familiar patterns—every beer drinker can expect th... Read more

Dining Preview

Like a number of other journeyman blues-rock outfits from the '70s and '80s, the Jeff Healey Band made a career from grinding out modestly catchy tunes about the roadhouse life before arena-size audiences. Aside from being Canadian, Healey's disti.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

All artists need the opportunity to fail. Risk-taking is indispensable. What serious opportunities for trial and error exist for artists in Milwaukee after they leave the relative safety of a college program? This is not an idle question.Da... Read more

Classical Music