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The plot of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof’s Tomorrowland is a time-bending, place-hopping tangle set against a backdrop of a dispirited America. Subtlety isn’t the selling point. Tomorrowland has messages lined up in big block letters. The m... more

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HughLaurie’s career falls into distinct phases. From 1990-1993 he was the foolishyet oddly sympathetic Bertie Wooster, the pop-eyed upper class twit in astylish British TV adaptation of P.G. Wodehouse, “Jeeves and Wooster .. more

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“Until recently I was an actor,” Hugh Laurie immediately announced to the audience at the Pabst Theater. “I suppose that is a bit like being on a plane and having the pilot announce that until two weeks ago he... more

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After nearly eight years of playing an ornery, frequently unethical medical mastermind on “House,” Hugh Laurie has taken a break from the screen to pursue one of his other loves: blues music. His style of blues has an Old South, circa... more

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The Milwaukee rep has assembled some of its finest actors for its production of Conor McPherson’s contemporary drama The Seafarer , the tale of four Irishmen who play poker with the devil. Lee Ernst plays Sharky, an alcoholic more

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Mention The Secret Policeman’s Ball and music usually comes to mind—performances by an array of top performers from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s in a series of fundraisers for Amnesty International. But comedy was always at the heart of the projec.. more

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The snarling physician played by Hugh Laurie in “House” is intellectually and temperamentally opposite to a character he depicted 15 years earlier, the role that earned him a devoted following. In the popular British television comedy series “Jee.. more

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During thecountless hours Chef Michael Feker spent cooking in the kitchens of thefinest restaurants, some of which have been his own, he was cr,Eat/Drink more

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Toblog, to journal publicly on the Web, has gained popular,Eat/Drink more

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