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Witnesses said the men were followed and arrested following a similar pattern taken by ICE agents when detaining community activist Ricardo Fierro just weeks earlier. more

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Hundreds gathered outside of the ICE headquarters in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday, June 21 for an event organized by the New Sanctuary Movement of Milwaukee and Voces de la Frontera. more

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Immigration rights organization Voces De La Frontera willhost a screening of A Day Without aMexican on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at Urban Harvest Brewing Company (1024 S. 5thSt.) The 2004 satire directed by Sergio Arau and starring.. more

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Wisconsin’s First Congressional District has been represented by conservative Republican Paul Ryan for 15 years, but it’s a swing district with deep Democratic roots and only a slight GOP more

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What do Wisconsin Republicans really believe? Be careful before you answer. The answer apparently can change as quickly as they can wipe clean their Magic Slate more

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Immigration reform now seems certain to pass the U.S. Senate within days, in an amended bill that could win as many as 70 votes from both parties. The results will more

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In Latino Arts’ current exhibition, “Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá” (“From Neither Here Nor There”), artist Raoul Deal explores the subject of Mexican immigration, along with the complex issues of assimilation, isolation and more

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Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, recently spoke with The National Memo about the sequester's automatic budget cuts, the danger of cuts to Social Security, the Keystone XL pipeline, immigration reform more

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In 1878 Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert toured the deck of HMS Victory , taking copious notes regarding the layout of the ship. Such attention to detail would become typical of the team’s working relationship. Their tour inspired the more

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Recent research in the B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy mayshed light on why B.E. ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird more

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I had the good fortune to speak with the AFL-CIO’s Ana Avendano before she spoke at Voces de la Frontera’s “Reaching for the American Dream” gala last night. Avendano is the assistant to the AFL-CIO’s president on immigration and community a.. more

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