“HauntedScreens: German Cinema of the 1920s” is a media-hopping study in modern anxietyand the visual methods for capturing and conveying it. The artistic movement German Expressionism was a reflection of the prevailingmood in Weimar Ge.. Read more

Happening Now

It might be hard to believe, but for over 30 years millions of players have committed home invasion in order to murder the Lord of Darkness. Since its 1986 debut, Castlevania (or Akumajō Dracula as it’s known in Japan) has haunted its legions of .. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

In Inception , Christopher Nolan's ambitious follow-up to The Dark Knight , Leonardo DiCaprio plays a noirish private dream detective... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Dropping its hero, big green ogre Shrek, into an alternate universe, this fourth chapter of the popular DreamWork's franchise is able to reconsider the fates and fortunes of its primary characters. Shrek's (Michael Myers) birthday, celebrat... Read more

Home Movies

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) awakens on a sea-soaked beach with a Japanese security officer poking him with a rifle. And then he’s a prisoner inside the lavishly Oriental fantasy chambers of a wizened plutocrat. And then he’s dressed to the... Read more

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