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As summer enters its final stretch, Milwaukee keeps the outdoor festivals coming fast and furious. more

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Folk legend Joan Baez reflects on her long history of activism. more

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Justin Vernon's inaugural Eaux Claires festival succeeded where most music festivals fail. more

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It may be June, but I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning! I’m just as excited as I was all those years ago, racing downstairs in my footie pajamas to see if Santa more

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Elvis Costello, Cher, Tony Bennett and more! more

This Week in Milwaukee

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have come a long way since the Indigo Girls’ 1987 debut Strange Fire broke into the world of mainstream pop with its hit “Closer to Fine.” The Indigo Girls have remained one of the more

This Week in Milwaukee

Mondo Lucha Wrestling/Variety Show @ Turner Hall Ballroom, 8 p.m. Betweenthe bevy of circus-costumed wrestlers and a face-painted magician/stuntman who goes by the,This Week in Milwaukee more

This Week in Milwaukee

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Highschool friends Amy Ray and Emily Saliers parted ways to attend VanderbiltUniversity DespiteOur Differences ,Music Feature more

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