A new snack bar concept comes to busy Second Street, soul food is served up out of the back of a grocery store and traditional Sichuan food comes to West Allis. Read more

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A stalwart leaves, and a trendy newcomer gets a lease. Read more

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Run by Fujiko Yamauchi, who was instrumental in bringing Japanese cuisine to Milwaukee, Izumi’s offers a tremendous array of sushi, sashimi, soups, hibachi, entrées and more; as well as a great lunch buffet. Read more

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Sushi is still widely regarded as an exotic delicacy inMilwaukee, but in 1990, when Fujiko Yamauchi began managing Koto, Milwaukee’sfirst Japanese restaurant, it was relatively unheard of. In 1993, Yamauchi moved on from Koto and took ove.. Read more

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Attend the Shepherd Express’ Taste of the World event to sample food from many continents and enjoy multicultural music and dance performances at American Serb Hall,2-6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 1. Read more



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Open for 25 years, Izumi’s is one of Milwaukee’s finest Japanese restaurants. Read more

Dining Out

Myexperiences with formal writing workshops have not been good. My impression ofthem as being mindless breeding grounds for writers who all kind of sound alikemay not be terribly flattering, but Theresa Rebeck’s impression is considerablyworse.. Read more


Severalevents Gallery Night & Day weekend inspired interesting dialogues that resonate far beyond thequaterly event. Whether this meant Eric Aho speaking to his paintings ofVermont hayfields, photographer Julia Kozerski’s self portraits and vid.. Read more

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Fish fries are a remarkably rigid local tradition. Reluctant to mess with a proven favorite, restaurants take few liberties with their Friday specials, so diners will find essentially the same meal regardless of where they go: fish, rye bre... Read more

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Since its founding in 1988, Izumi's has grown into a Milwaukee institution. Tatsuya Goto and Fujiko Yamaguchi, both natives of Japan, took over in 1993 and made sure that Izumi's stayed true to the Japanese concept of dining. In December 20... Read more

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Following the success of his musical adaptation of The Producers , Mel Brooks penned a stage version of another one of his movies, 1974’s Young Frankenstein , an extended riff of the classic MGM horror films of the 1930s Read more

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The Californian ,Dining Out Read more

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