Jake Revolver: Freelance Secret

Jake Revolver: Freelance Secret Agent is a goofy detective parody mostly basing its humor on self-reference and word play. A lot of word play. Probably a bit too much word play. While quite funny at,Theater Read more


Running this month at the Brumder Mansion, Matthew Konkel’s detective drama Jake Revolver playfully toys with intellectual depth beyond a steady barrage of silly humor. Read more


It’s not just beating a dead horse at this stage. Parodies of the hardboiled detective genre has been beaten to a bloody pulp over decades of spoofery. (One of my favorites was the movie Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid . There was also a very clever bit.. Read more


Anyone who has ever called Riverwest home can tell you how the East Side neighborhood generates a palpable energy that magnifies when the warm days of summer arrive. The area just west of the Milwaukee River is known throughout the city as ... Read more

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