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Dunkirk is a World War II movie unlike any other. British writer-director Christopher Nolan turns away from the form and content that had preoccupied him in recent years, and embraces an inspiring episode from his nation’s history, skillful... more

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How often do you have a big-budget, multiplex film with a female protagonist who spends her days scrubbing toilets? Or a male protagonist who is an albino genetic splice between human and lycan DNA? Such is the case with Jupiter Ascending, ... more

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 Mary (Selma Blair) stares sullenly out thewindow as her husband Mark (Joshua Close) talks to the office on his mobile ashe drives on to their magnificent vacation "cottage" in a remote,forested area. Their eight-year old, Brendan, seems re.. more

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Those events began with the inexplicable decision byofficials of the previous administrat The Nation ,News Features more

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