James Groppi


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Local Catholics have a long tradition of helping the poor and advocating for immigrants. Read more

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, designed to prevent housing discrimination. But in the city of Milwaukee, much more work needs to be done to successfully integrate its neighborhoods. Read more

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Military assault weapons have absolutely no legitimate use in civilian society at any age for either hunting or self-defense. There’s no season to bag large numbers of humans, and no one in America has any rational fear of being attacked by an army. Read more

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I can’t help wishing Peter Feigin, the new president of the Milwaukee Bucks, hadn’t scrambled quite so quickly to soften his tone and soothe feelings over his totally frank outsider’s assessment of the racial atmosphere in Milwaukee. Read more

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Father James Groppi is a name synonymous with Milwaukee’s civil rights movement of the late-1960s. Born to Italian immigrant parents on Nov. 16, 1930, Groppi was raised in Bay View and spent much of his time working with his 11 siblings in ... Read more

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