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FTAM Productions presents this year’s final installment of the Noise Knowledge Consortium at Brinn Labs on Dec. 21 with Gabriella Schwartz (Nummy) and the Kingston Family Singers. Read more

Local Music

Milwaukee Jazz displays the surprisingly rich history of jazz in our city through an array of black and white photographs from the 1920s through the present. Read more


Harley-Davidson Museum's electric motorcycle exhibit, the value of public spaces, Milwaukee's new food halls and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

The loss of several prominent Milwaukee all-ages venues has scene regulars asking what it will take for a DIY venue to survive in this city. Read more

Local Music

It’s not easy being an underage musician in Milwaukee. WebsterX remembers when he was under 21 trying to book shows here. It was doable, the rapper says, but it took a lot of extra time, energy and deal making to land those gigs. Read more

On Music

Peter J Woods’ new series of electronic shows and workshops puts the focus on women in experimental music. Read more

Local Music

When Peter J. Woods wasn't manipulating gadgetry residing in what looked to be a couple of hollowed out Gideons' Bibles, he rode a thick knife blade over stringed instruments such as a zither or rolled a metal cup and saucer over them. Read more

Concert Reviews

Varied facets of experience reflect in the work of two artists showing work at the Jazz Gallery in Riverwest. One, Karen Fischberg, is finishing a degree at MIAD, the other, Sandra Wys,Art Read more

Visual Arts

Photo Courtesy Elizabeth, Flickr CCTwo Milwaukee-based artists are showcasing their portraitsof riders from the iconic Riverwest 24 Hour Bicycle Race this Saturday at theJazz Gallery, 926 East Center Street.The show opens March 5th with a.. Read more

Happening Now

It’s with aheavy heart that I announce the Jazz Estate is putting a moratorium onlive music while undergoing personnel changes. The hiatus is of indefinitelength, but the bartender with whom I spoke sounded confident that concertswould .. Read more

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Jazz is capableof conjuring a truly remarkable variety of atmospheres and instilling a widearray of moods in its listeners. With Valentines Day quickly approaching, itis an opportune time to recall jazz’s aphrodisiac quality. Here are a few.. Read more

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Roy Staab's blog

It's always gratifying to see a local boy make good. So much the betterwhen this success takes the form “local boy becomes an internationallyrecognized artist.” Such is the case with Roy Staab. Over the course longcareer, Staab has dabbled i.. Read more

Visual Arts

On the surface, jazz and hip-hop don’t seem to have much in common. The wildly improvisational spirit of jazz and the lyrical flow and beat-oriented nature of hip-hop can seem miles apart. Beneath the superficial disparities Read more

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First thingsfirst: I love jazz. We’re talking anif-you-love-jazz-so-much-why-don’t-you-marry-it kind of love. Don’t think Ihaven’t tried…At any rate, mycharge with the Shepherd Express concerns the visual arts, and despite the theatri.. Read more

Visual Arts

Manty Ellis is considered a cornerstone of Milwaukee jazz. In 1970, he co-founded the city’s first jazz program at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, which cultivated many players who went on to become successful here and elsewhere. Now 8... Read more

Off the Cuff

Robert Ashley’s opera Perfect Lives was featured in Peter Greenaway’s documentary 4 American Composers after enjoying a long career at the cutting edge of musical theater. Ashley will perform his Lectures to Be Read more

Classical Music

The Extra Crispy Brass Band has a sound that is distinctly Dixie, finding inspiration from the “second line” traditional style of New Orleans jazz. “The first line was the funeral procession and the second line refers to the up-tempo br Read more

Local Music

Cheap Trick isn’t the only band doing a multiple-night residency in Milwaukee this month. The local acid-rock trio The Danglers celebrates 13 years of fusing metal, punk, jazz and classical music with a three-night residency at the Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Hideaway may be off the beaten path, but that certainly doesn’t keep devotees from making the trek to Franklin for the restaurant’s stellar Buffalo wings. The plump pieces of poultry are dredged in homemade breading, fried and tossed in... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

As the adage goes, there are two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road construction. The noise, delays and labyrinthine detours can be inconvenient, but our road hassles are nothing compared to what our ancestors had to deal with back in th... Read more

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