John Nichols

A statewide campaign to cut incarceration is unveiled, while UW-Madison faculty come to town to speak about reducing poverty. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

U.S. history is examined from many provocative angles, including racism and war, in new books from America’s academic presses Read more


John Nichols, Capital Times associate editor and national correspondent for The Nation, will discuss his new book co-authored with Dave Zweifel, Cap Times editor emeritus, at the Milwaukee Public Library East Branch on Dec. 20. Read more

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In Horsemen of the Trumpocaylpse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America, nationally known Madison journalist Mike Nichols maps out a president bereft of ideas and indebted to far-right money interests and their foot soldiers... Read more


Bernie Sanders has reissued his 1997 political biography, Outsider in the House, with an optimistic new title, Outsider in the White House. His own career as a socialist mayor, congressman and U.S. senator illustrates the possibility of bui... Read more


Featuring interviews with activists and ground-zero footage from Madison, Forward documents the massive protests against Scott Walker that led to the recall campaign. Directed by Dusan Harminc and Matt Mullins, Forward includes Read more

Film Clips

Catalyzed by Gov. Scott Walker's ambush assault on state workers' collective bargaining rights last February, tens of thousands of teachers, firefighters... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Scott Walker underestimated the people of Wisconsin. He probably imagined the usual dozen activists, plus a handful of trade unionists already dispirited from a quarter-century of retreat, would gather outside his office with the usual brai... Read more


First Stage Children’s Theatre continues its season with an accessibly complex show. The play opens with a chase. A pair of orphan brothersProsper and Bonafice are on the run from the police. Directed by Jeff Frank, the action takes the audience .. Read more


Remember to Shop Locally Members of Our Shepherd Express ,Expresso Read more