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I Hate Hollywood

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra was the place to be in town on Saturday night, with the great film composer John Williams as guest. The concert sold out in four hours upon announcement. It undoubtedly felt like a rare event to everyone there, ... Read more

Classical Music

 The opening passage of The Rite of Spring ( LaSacre du Printemps ) suggests the parting of morning mist, revealing a clearingin some primeval forest. It’s a calm prelude to a stormy stretch of music, aballet that triggered the riot b.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> Henry Mancini is the one name instantly recognized by the general public among all those who wrote the music that sets the mood for most films. As John Caps writes in his biography, <em>Henry Mancini: Reinventing Film Music </em>(University o.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> <em>War Horse </em>begins with a graceful sweep over England\'s green and pleasant landan emerald countryside under an unusually sunny sky for that partly cloudy corner of the world. Before long, director Steven Spielberg touches down on a par.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Not so long ago, soundtrack albums were the one reliable way to hear music from movies once you left the cinema. No one could really own their own copy of a film in the age before home video, but with the proliferation of new technology, movies .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Park 'n Perform: The Milwaukee County Parks' full platter of seasonal activities includes its always-popular, free “Summer's Best” concert series, held at some 20 parks around the area. At the Boerner Botanical Gardens, along with about ... Read more

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Malaria is a scourge that has never been tamed for long. The statistics cited in Sonia Shah’s The Fever show an alarming surge of malaria in many regions and the development of nastier, drug-resistant strains as the malaria parasites contin... Read more


FM102/1’s fourth annual Big Snow Show concert celebrates the harder endof the Milwaukee alternative radio station’s spectrum. There’s no DeathCab for Cutie this year; instead, the headliners are Breaking Benjamin,the hard-edged po,This W Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

From his influential speech during the Leopold and Loeb murder trial to his famous role in the Scopes Trial, Clarence Darrow is a courtroom legend, and a ripe subject for David Rintels’ one-person drama Clarence Darrow. Local actor David Fe... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

TheSilver Spring House (6655 N. Green Bay Ave.) is a vintage piece ofMilwaukee County history with origins dating back to 1856. Although thecurrent building was built later, it has abundant charm an,Dining Out Read more

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