The next time you're zooming along I-94 between Milwaukee and Chicago, take the time to discover... more

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I'm not so sure why this came about now, but today the University of Wisconsin announced that the ice surface at the Kohl Center would be named after "Badger" BOb Johnson.They didn't say when it would happen, but the article does mention that 22 .. more

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On Saturday night, Hilary Knight became the second-ever Badger and the eighth-ever person in the NCAA to record 100 career goals and 100 career assists.And that would be a pretty good weekend and a pretty big accomplisment, but this is Hilary Kni.. more

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Badger women's hockey coach Mark Johnson and former Badger men's hockey coach Jeff Sauer were selected as two fo the 2011 recipients of the Lester Patrick trophy. The trophy, given by the NHL and USA Hockey, is given each year to four people and .. more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man ohmanischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, what with the Irish Festdown by the lakefront ’tis this weekend, I,Art for Art's Sake more

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"Which Velvet Underground?"he responded. From the relentless, mind-crushing throb of "Sister Ray" to the delicate strum of "I'll Be Your Mirror" to the four-on-the-floor sto,Books more

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