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Spring training started, but one player learned he won’t be making as much money this season as he was hoping. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle

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If there were an imaginary award handed out to the top performer in each team victory, which Brewers players would get the most? Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Despite a rough end to the season, Josh Hader was announced as the National League’s Reliever of the Year. Read more

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The early weeks of MLB spring training have not provided many new answers to the questions the Milwaukee Brewers brought with them to the 2018 NL Championship. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Over the span of a few days last week the Brewers became one of the MLB non-wavier trade deadline’s most active teams, acquiring reliever Joakim Soria from the White Sox on Thursday and third baseman Mike Moustakas from the Royals on Friday. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Each year at the start of spring training teams talk a big game about strategic changes they’re considering making for the season ahead. Read more

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