F.Scott Fitzgerald was one of 20th century America’s great writers andlike many important authors of his era, he tried his hand in Hollywood. ScottDonaldson’s biography F. Scott Fitzgerald: Fool for Love is concerned chieflywith the.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Carlos Reygadas’ film Silent Light opens with a gorgeous, six-minute, time-lapse depiction of dawn breaking, and the film’s pace doesn’t pick up much from there. Filmed with minimal dialogue and non-professional actors, the movie ,Today Read more

Today in Milwaukee

I'm generally pretty open minded about music, or at the very least I try to take a "to each their own" outlook when possible, but occasionally there's music so offensively bad that I can't understand how anybody in the world could possibly listen .. Read more

On Music

There's only a couple of reasons I can fathom why a man would want to be a cheerleader. An Air Force One ,Sports Read more

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