Kathryn Lounsbery

Casual variety shows make it to major venues in Milwaukee on a regular basis. There’s something really comfortable about a show that fuses narrative art with perhaps a little comedy and music. Every once in awhile a show comes along that fus.. more


The post-World War II era is often viewed in a heavily romanticized light. But for many people living in the period right after WWII, civil rights remained decades away. And the wholesome image of America’s nuclear family, popularized by mi... more


Texting has become a source of cinematic terror. In the griping psychological thriller Fermat’s Room, three brilliant mathematicians and an inventor are trapped in a locked room with a PDA. An unknown tormentor sends enigmatic questions in math .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Milwaukeenative Kathryn Lounsbery has followed a rapid upward trajectory sincemoving to That’s What She Said, ,Off the Cuff more

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