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Although acclaimed British actor Kenneth Branagh plays well as Hercule Poirot in his remake of Murder on the Orient Express, the film quickly loses momentum. more

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Dunkirk is a World War II movie unlike any other. British writer-director Christopher Nolan turns away from the form and content that had preoccupied him in recent years, and embraces an inspiring episode from his nation’s history, skillful... more

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Kenneth Branagh directs a charming film adaptation of Cinderella. more

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Certain signs bode ill for the remake of Disney’s classic Cinderella: Start with the entire cast’s overly stylized elocution, and move on to actress Lily James who may as well be Robin Wright’s reincarnation from The Princess Bride. more

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Kenneth Branagh invests many scenes from Henry V (1989) with cinematic sweep and rhythmic visual editing, but the emphasis seldom strays far from great actors engaging the text. Also staring, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson and Derek Jacobi. more

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In this latest entry in the found-footage horror genre, we learn that newlywed, Zach (Zach Gilford), is documenting his bride, Samantha’s (Allison Miller), unexpected pregnancy after a honeymoon night neither one can recall. Home movies of ... more

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 The late Stieg Larssonis still Sweden’s crime writer with the widest global reputation, but he’sneither the only Swedish murder mystery author known beyond his homeland northe only one whose work has been adapted for the screen. Henn.. more

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<p> Inspector Kurt Wallender (Kenneth Branagh) moves into his country dream house and before the boxes are all unpacked, his dog digs up a human skeleton in the backyard. And then, a woman's body washes up on a nearby shore. “Do you think this i.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Kenneth Branagh isn't immune to the thrill of a technical challenge. After all, the esteemed British actor-director, usually paired with Shakespeare in word-association tests, once directed a four-hour Hamlet in 70 mm film. And let's not fo... more

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Kevin Ramsey’s musical revue Soultime at the Apllo opens with a scene in the basement of the legendary Apollo Theater, the 75-year-old venue that has given countless African-American performers their start. Bricks adorn a long section of wa... more

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