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 In the early ‘90’s, the British musical team of Anthony Drewe and Geroge Stiles opened Honk!a children’s musical theatre adaptation of Hans Christen Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling. The musical amplifies the tale’s message of tolerance in a two-ac.. Read more


STUFFY BACKGROUND CRITICISMAs I understand it, back in the mid-1800’s, the predominant form of narrative home entertainment was the novel. In England at the time, novels cost a full shilling. Those without the benefit of that kind of disposable.. Read more


In addition to influences like the Velvet Underground, Television, The Stooges and My Bloody Valentine, the guys in the Milwaukee band the Elusive Parallelograms also unintentionally recall a distant era in the history of Milwaukee music, t... Read more

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Kid, You'll Move Mountains often seem torn between two eras. Their songwriting nods to the Loomings ,Local Music Read more

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Fronting the easy-going alternative rock band Toad The West Sprocket, Glen Phillips penned Careful What You Wish For ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Emerging proudly from The Promise Ring’s considerable shadow, Milwaukee’s Mari Heresy and the Hotel Choir ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The Chicago area (and one-time Milwaukee-ish) indie-pop band Kid, You'll Move Mountains are promoting their upcoming show at the Metro in Chicago on Jan. 2 with the not-so-modest URL and a ton of freebies: The show .. Read more

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