Labor Day

So another Labor Day has come and gone—a day I spent in celebration of the American workingman by sitting on my ass in some clown’s backyard doing nothing except drink somebody else’s beer, what the fock. Read more

Art for Art's Sake

Due to the success of its 2017 events and fundraising efforts, UPAF has branded September 2018 as Performing Arts Month and, in so doing, it continues its efforts to both establish and further cultivate an affinity for performing arts in our region. Read more

News Features

Dear Ruthie gives advice to a man contemplating coming out to his family this Labor Day weekend. Her “Social Calendar” lists events in and around Milwaukee of import and interest to the LGBTQ community. Read more

Dear Ruthie

A salsa recipe to enjoy over the long, Labor Day weekend. Read more

Flash in the Pan 5 Comments

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh man manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, I’ve received a couple, three gung-ho thumbs-ups for the bigger type and the briefer length of last week’s essay,Art for Art's Sake Read more

Art for Art's Sake

How many outdoor festivals can one city cram into a Labor Day weekend? Answer: A lot! Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Laborfest, a union organizedLabor Day festival, is coming to the Summerfest grounds on Monday, Sept. 5. The celebration begins with aparade from Carl Zeidler Square Wisconsin Union Memorial at 11 a.m. The festivalopens at noon. A cla.. Read more

Happening Now

Nintendo’s New President Gets Down On The Dance Floor, Tokyo Game Show Boogies, and Shovel Knight Plague Of Shadows Struts Its Stuff!AudioListen to the latest PressureCast on iTunes, Stitcher or Direct Link.VideoLet us know what you think. Le.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Milwaukee goes all in this Labor Day weekend, celebrating with motorcycles, BBQ, art, music and dogs. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

President Barack Obama told about 6,000 enthusiastic union members and their families at Milwaukee’s Laborfest about his optimism about the future. It wasn’t about Read more

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This romantic melodrama, casting Josh Brolin as an escaped convict and Kate Winslet as depressed single mom Adele, cooks up the right chemistry. Brolin’s Frank demands refuge in widow Adele’s unkempt home Read more

Film Clips

Semi-Twang was one of Milwaukee’s great hopes in the ’80s, when Warner Bros. Records signed the acclaimed alt-country band and then released its 1988 album, Salty Tears. Though it was a critical success, the album wasn’t the commercial b Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Labor Day parade will include a labor of love, courtesy of Milwaukee Public Theatre (MPT). The second annual All-City People’s Parade will be part of the Sept. 6 Labor Day celebrations—and it’s all free, rain or shine. Read more

A&E Feature

Everything started somewhere, sometime, by someone. In identifying the most important “everythings,” Peter D’Epiro acknowledges that his scope was restricted by editorial considerations. He eliminated anything B.C.E. because many of the Read more


The strangest production I’ve seen all season may have been Milwaukee High School of the Arts’ production of Thornton Wilder’s The Skin Of Our Teeth back in November. There’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing a larger-than-life face of M.. Read more


Before he left the New York Times for the New Yorker, the great Kelefa Sanneh wrote a 2007 eulogy for the Song of the Summer, contending that media fragmentation has made it all but impossible for one single to reign over the season the way hits h.. Read more

On Music

Obamasaid that he didn’t want to make a political speech at the same timeHurricane Gustav was threatening the Gulf Coast, but that he wanted tomake a point about unity on Labor Day. ,News Features Read more

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As always, the Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO goes all out in celebration of its favorite holiday, Labor Day, staging their parade through downtown Milwaukee at 11 a.m. and hosting a family-oriented,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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