Lady In Waiting

Playwright/actress Liz Shipe deftly juggles action, comedy and drama with her latest. A Lady in Waiting relates a variation on the Robin Hood legend told from the perspective of a capable, independent Maid Marian and her companion, Aria more


If you’re anything like me (and for your sake, I hope you’re not!), then you’re not quite ready to give up on LGBT pride-related events this summer. The good news is more

Hear Me Out

Commissioned to write an adventure play for Theatre Red, Milwaukee’s Liz Shipe delivered an unconventional reimagining of the well-known Robin Hood legend told through the eyes of Maid Marian’s servant, Aria. A Lady In Waiting includes Ship... more


TheaterRED recently announced that it will be producing thelatest by Milwaukee playwright Liz Shipe. Shipe’s Sherlock Holmes plays at theBrumder Mansion were critical and commercial hits. Shipe’s work is very sharpand very commercially appeali.. more


Who knew Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s campaign for governor would turn into a search for Wisconsin’s top chef?What our political candidates have for lunch rarely becomes a campaign issue. As long as they consume enough of the b... more

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