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If the extended Broken Social Scene family were the Brady Bunch, then Land of Talk singer Elizabeth Powell would be the Jan Brady to Feist's Marsha. Everything comes easy to Feist; on her solo records, she sings as if her greatest problems in the .. more

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Melvin Gibbs makes ancient modern music out of the African-American heritage. In Ancients Ancients Speak ,CD Reviews more

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The Chicago ensemble Cornmeal, which plays the Miramar Theatre tonight at 8 p.m., labels itself “progressive bluegrass,” but that tag may give a misleading impression. While the group isn’,Today in Milwaukee more

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All achy voice and crashing guitars, Montreal's Land of Talk play indie-rock the way it sounded early this century, before the mid-decade mutiny of synthesizers and cowboy hats. Land of Talk's sophomore album, Some Are Lakes, was one o.. more

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