It's being reported that the Brewers will be sending their #1 prospect to Toronto for starting pitcher Shaun Marcum. Marcum was 13-8 with a 3.64 earned run average in 31 starts last season. He was a middling 87-90 MPH fast ball and relies on an a.. more

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For the second straight year, Brett Lawrie will represent Canada on the World team during the All Star Game futures game. Congrats Brett more

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I DID NOT KNOW THAT: Brett Lawrie took second in the Midwest League ASG Home Run Derby. Sad for him it was to a guy named Rebel. more

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Had a great time at the Border Battle between the Timber Rattlers andthe Peoria Chiefs last night at Miller Park and took many pictures,which we'll get too more in depth later.Some quick thoughts:*Iwas super-impressed with the fielding and the .. more

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Cutter about to score a runPeralta pitchingMore PeraltaBad pic quality, but good picture, so I'll post it anywayCorey Kemp, who DH'd, hitting a doubleKemp sliding into secondWe decided Marseco is like a mini-Craig CounsellCan't possibly explain ho.. more

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Chances are you probably didn’t drop the hundreds of dollars needed to travel to see The Who Saturday in Australia—a price that doesn’t even include acquiring a ticket to the sold out performance. The Who’s Milwaukee tribute act, S more

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As right-wing talk-show hosts see their political power waning in America,they are worrie What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,Taking Liberties more

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%uFFFD “Mostof the music venues in the city are 21-plus, so I never get to go toany of them,” Christensen laments. “Milwaukee is a drinking c,Cover Story more

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Milwaukeehas give,Eat/Drink more

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Seems like everybody wants to be German these days. more

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According to @TimberRattlers, Three members of this year's team were named Top 20 Midwest League Prospect List#4 Brett Lawrie#9 Cody Scarpetta#14 Wily PeraltaHere's<a href=" more

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