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Did Scott Walker aim to blow up Milwaukee County government at the same time he was leading it?Last week, a judge released files created on computers seized from more

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Last week, Marina Dimitrijevic was sworn in as the new chair of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. The longtime Fourth District supervisor is only the second woman to hold this positionand also the youngest. I spoke to her on Friday, the d.. more

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In 1992, Lee Holloway was a community health care executive who decided he would be a better county supervisor than the candidate who came knocking on his door to ask for his support. Twenty years later, Holloway is leaving the board... more

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The retirement of Lee Holloway, the longtime Milwaukee County supervisor and board chair, provides a rare opportunity for two political newcomers with familiar last names. Priscilla Coggs-Jones and Russell Stamper II are vying to represent ... more

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When indie-rock bands began introducing polyrhythm into their template toward the end of the last decade, it seemed like a bit of a novelty, albeit a refreshing one. In the years since, though, its proven a versatile innovation, seasoning not only.. more

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Milwaukee What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features more

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Hero of the Week: Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway Hollow Journal Sentinel ,None more

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Though the parts about a failing band may ring a little bit too close to home during these It’s A Wonderful Life ,Today in Milwaukee more

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   Bay View High School offers a variety of academic programs for students with diverse talents and interests ,Letters more

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