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The Shepherd Express has always been a strong supporter of LGBTQ struggles throughout our 36-year publishing history. Read more



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Paul Ryan’s sanctimonious public pronouncements rarely bear any resemblance to what he and his fellow Republicans are actually doing. Read more

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While hot primary contests for governor and senator dominated Wisconsin news this summer, the statewide race for attorney general (between Josh Kaul and Brad Schimel) has been set for a year. Read more

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David Overstreet is an archaeologist who has spent much of his life working in very old Wisconsin dirt excavating ancient skeletons and artifacts. Read more

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Founded in 1979, Woodland Pattern Book Center is nationally known for its collection of more than 26,000 small press books. Read more


While the changing picture of the Foxconn development signals trouble to some, supporters have framed it as just the company’s way of adapting to ensure long-term success. Read more

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Small group health care coverage, the market for organizations with less than 50 employees, is experiencing a high level of turbulence. This isn’t an accident, but a clear result of intentional public policy; one our state could correct. Read more

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A barricaded historic pedestrian bridge in Milwaukee’s Lake Park can be restored, according to a new report by a structural engineering firm with expertise in repairing historic bridges. Read more

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Marquette’s Center for Peacemaking celebrates 10 years, and Democratic Socialists canvass for healthcare in Riverwest. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Scott Walker presides over the oldest, largest and most expensive system of taxpayer-funded private voucher schools in the nation. Read more

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The Shepherd Express’ Hero of the Week is Marcela “Xela” Garcia, executive director of the Walkers Point Center for the Arts. Read more



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Last week, representatives of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came to Milwaukee for an on-site inspection to determine if the city met its requirements for its 2020 National Convention. From what I’ve heard, they were impressed. Read more


Since late-August, incarcerated people have been participating in work stoppages, hunger and sit-down strikes and commissary boycotts to end prison slavery and demand systemic reform. Read more

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Due to the success of its 2017 events and fundraising efforts, UPAF has branded September 2018 as Performing Arts Month and, in so doing, it continues its efforts to both establish and further cultivate an affinity for performing arts in our region. Read more

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Photo credit: Southeastern Wisconsin People's Climate March

Milwaukee participates in a nationwide Climate March, the public gets a chance to comment on the Milwaukee County budget, and ComedySportz hosts its monthly Laughing Liberally comedy show. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Vatican ambassador to Washington, D.C., well known for promoting rightwing causes, is openly calling on Pope Francis to resign. Read more

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There are ways the state government of Wisconsin can help create jobs that won’t cost $4 billion dollars and won’t encourage big corporations to extort money from the state by holding our jobs hostage. Read more

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Many people have found themselves at odds in recent years with Scott Walker over his transportation policies; even some of his fellow Republicans have questioned his heavy reliance on borrowing to pay for construction and repair projects. Read more

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The Shepherd Express goes Off the Cuff with Daniel R. Stalder, professor of psychology at UW-Whitewater, about his new book, The Power of Context. Read more

Off the Cuff

Read Saving Our Democracy for the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2018—the Shepherd Express’ weekly clearinghouse for all activities in the greater Milwaukee area that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions and ... Read more

Saving Our Democracy