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It's Throwback Thursday at Summerfest. Come for "Rapper's Delight," stay for the half-price drinks. Read more

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In a set that leaned heavily on his early ’90s output, power-pop master Matthew Sweet let his songs speak for himself. Read more

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Indian Summer, WMSE’s Backyard BBQ and TosaFest give Milwaukeeans plenty of excuses to head outdoors. Read more

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Veteran’s Park spends the weekend celebrating Asian culture, while Discovery World kicks off this year’s Fish Fry & A Flick film series. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

It\'s been more than 20 years since Matthew Sweet, still reeling from his divorce, recorded his third album, <em>Girlfriend</em>, a modest modern-rock hit at the time that has since built up a reputation as one of the best power-pop albums of the .. Read more

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It may seem strange that Brendon Small would follow up his brightly colored, kid-centric series “Home Movies” with the blood ’n’ guts-filled heavy metal send up “Metalacolypse,” but upon further thought, the progression Read more

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Like so many musicians plucked from the underground at the height of the alternative-radio boom, Sweet soon fell back into obscurity, releasing a string softer, studio pop records gobbled up by his diehard fans but few others. A 2006 cov... Read more

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Love it or hate it, the most popular show on television, "American Idol," is also the oddest show on television. In one of the show's most brazenly cheesy features, every week its contestants dress up in elaborate costumes to film a Ford commer.. Read more

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  Sweet's forays into California-rock harmonies with the Thorns and '60s cover tunes Sunshine Lies ,CD Reviews Read more

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