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“Precognition is a relatively unforgiving club experience,” Max Holiday says of his electronic music night, which ends its two-year run at Quarters on Nov. 4. Read more

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Some of the most exciting music coming out of Milwaukee is also some of the least likely to be heard. The city is home to countless producers, composers and DJs, many of them quite inventive, and most of them working in isolation and self-releasin.. Read more

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Generous doses of acid house kept the crowd dancing at the most recent installment of Milwaukee’s long-running MELT concert series. Read more

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My Morning Jacket’s Jim James indulges his psychedelic side, while a bunch of local blues players get the old gang back together. Read more

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If there's a through-line connecting the handful of singles that Max Holiday's green Bleach Athletixx project has released this year, it's that each has been slightly out of time and spiritually indebted to the '80s, an era when pop was even more .. Read more

On Music

It’sbeen two and a half years since Max Holiday released his self-titled EP asYoung Holidays, a swift, four-song shot of jittery guitar-pop that seemed likethe type of thing he’d probably follow up in a couple of months, not a coupleof years. .. Read more

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The caterwauling Colin Meloy and his troupe of instrumental accomplices deliver an admirable mix of jangle-pop, Americana blues and balladic folk on The Decemberists’ sixth studio album, The King Is Dead , which they released Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Tommy Keene is considered one of the finest power-pop songwriters of the 1980s, a reputation that did little to help him find commercial success. By the ’90s he was performing as a guitarist-for-hire, touring with artists like Paul Read more

Today in Milwaukee

In 2002, The Etiquette were nicely positioning themselves as Milwaukee’s answer to The Strokes. On the strength of Ages , a hyper-catchy EP that however accidentally coincided with the era’s rock revival, The Etiquette captured the Read more

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