Mayor Tom Barrett

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Tom Barrett is the 44th and current Mayor of Milwaukee. He was elected Mayor in 2004, and from 1993-2003 he served in the United States House of Representatives. 

The City of Milwaukee is sending a direct message to its citizens. Do not litter. Read more

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The United Performing Arts Fund kicks off their 2019 fundraising campaign in support of Milwaukee-area arts organizations on Monday, March 4, with a gala event. Read more

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A 2018 national climate change assessment notes that, in the Great Lakes region, lake surface temperatures are increasing, ice cover is declining and seasonal stratification of temperatures in the lakes is occurring earlier in the year. What can be d Read more

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The Hop announced its December ridership numbers Tuesday, with a slight uptick in the average amount of daily rides compared to the inaugural month of November. Read more

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Should the Bucks pay for part of an extension to the Fiserv Forum? Read more

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Milwaukee has a good chance to host the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention. Can you help make it so? Read more

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The Milwaukee Common Council voted Tuesday to override all of Mayor Tom Barrett’s five vetoes of the council’s amendments to the 2019 city budget. Read more

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After almost five hours of debate, the 2019 proposed City of Milwaukee budget was passed by the Common Council Tuesday. Read more

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The group began a leafletting campaign last week in front of Mayor Tom Barrett’s house. Read more

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A measure to increase pay for elected officials in Milwaukee—which would include members of the Common Council—was sent back to committee during a Monday council meeting. Read more

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Hundreds of people gathered at Cathedral Square Park on Friday afternoon for the grand opening celebration of “The Hop,” Milwaukee’s new streetcar system. Read more

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A recent uptick in hate crimes across the nation, including the most recent incidents in Pittsburgh and Kentucky, led some on the left in Wisconsin to respond with harsh words. Read more

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Even a week before The Hop, Milwaukee’s new streetcar, starts running, it is still facing staunch opposition and questions about its future. Read more

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$7.6 million will be used to remove lead and other hazards from homes. Read more

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The fight to create a new Inspector General position for the City of Milwaukee is over. Read more

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The 2019 City of Milwaukee proposed budget includes a 23% increase for the Police Department compared to the 2014 budget. Read more

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Besides assuring urban voters Tony Evers won’t be openly hostile to them like Scott Walker has always been, Mandela Barnes speaks to the struggles of families in all neighborhoods in Wisconsin. Read more

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After seeing his promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term in office fail utterly, Gov. Walker was no doubt happy to check off a different priority on his to-do list, but was he right in doing so? Read more

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Many of our city’s men are struggling because they are dealing with poverty, child support and other issues, but they don’t know where to turn. Milwaukee’s Natasha Dotson helps steer them in the right direction. Read more


After years of debate, construction and more debate, the Milwaukee streetcar finally has an opening date. The streetcar, dubbed “the Hop” will begin service on Friday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. Read more

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