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No one wants his hometown to become a national media cliché—the latest community televised with businesses in flames and bullets flying in the Sherman Park neighborhood as anger erupts after years of unaddressed racial inequality and tensio... Read more

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The good news is that after giving everyone a big scare this past year, state Rep. Tamara Grigsby is in good health and “feeling wonderful.”The bad news is that Grigsby Read more

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<p> The Doors compressed more creativity into four years than most rock bands can manage in four decades. Of course, theirs was an unusually fertile cultural period and not everything they recorded ranks with greatness. Still, the best of their m.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Williams is the executive director of the affiliatedgroups named Democrats for Education Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,None Read more

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  While everyone seems to agreethat Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) faces serious Shepherd. ,News Features Read more

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MPS Board President Michael Bonds resigned from Mayor Barrett’s MPS Innovation and Improvement Advisory Council yesterday, which seemed to catch Team Barrett off guard. Bonds’ abrupt announcement was to protest private conversations the mayor, Gov.. Read more

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MPS Board President Michael Bonds has submitted a letter to Mayor Tom Barrett announcing his decision to resign from Barrett’s appointed MPS Innovation and Improvement Advisory Committee “immediately.” I just got off the ph.. Read more

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The Journal Sentinel has just printed an editorial bemoaning the fact that the new school board president, Michael Bonds, proposed a number of changes that did not pass by a majority of the board. The Journal Sentinel was highly critical of one of.. Read more

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To hear The White Tie Affair, who play the Rave tonight at 7 p.m., spin it, this young Illinois band has revolutionized rock music by pairing it with dance beats—never mind that on any given night the,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The 2008 installment of The Animation Show, the country’s last major touring animation festival, is the first not to include contributions from festival founders Mike Judge (the “Beavis and Butt,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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In 1974, high-wire artist Philippe Petit performed the most amazing tight-rope walk in the Man On Wire ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Don’t confuse the Minneapolis all-girl pop-punk outfit Sick of Sarah with The Donnas. Sick of Sarah rarely confines themselves solely to punk conventions, instead opting for periodic slowdowns where l,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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