The Brewers signed former-Cub Aramis Ramirez to a three-year deal, reportedly worth $36 million. Ramirez will be the Brewers everyday third baseman.\nWith his role filled and the non-tender deadline approaching tonight, the Brewers traded Casey Mc.. more

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The first step was taken today when Casey McGehee was taken out of the lineup. Not only is Casey not getting hits, but he's even incapable of putting a sac fly in the air. While Craig Counsell's batting average isn't any better, he takes walks and.. more

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Ryan Braun leads all NL outfielders, though only by a narrow margin, and looks to become the first Brewer to be elected to three consecutive All-Star Games. But Atlanta's Jason Heyward and Dodger Andre Ethier are close on his heels. Go here:h.. more

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Slavery is never mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but the compromises hammered out over the question are integral to the document. In a succinct but carefully reasoned study, TempleUniversity history professor David Waldstreicher shows h... more

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As though his legitimate candidacy for ROY, his crazy good BA, and the grand slam weren't enough, check out one of Tom H's twitters from tonight:Haudricourt Watching McGehee scream into his helmet after grand slam was priceless. He was still upset.. more

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Most of the great advances we remember involve re-imagination and dreams, not merely tweaks and tinkers. The Wright Brothers' plane wasn't a newfangled horse and buggy, Einstein's theories weren't a simple update of old physics, and Edison'... more

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Perhaps the most popular modern accordionist outside of Weird Al Yankovich, Stanley Dural Jr., better known as Buckwheat Zydeco, returns to Milwaukee to give the city an early taste of Mardi Gras. The Louis,Today in Milwaukee more

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It didn’t take long for the Milwaukee music scene to embrace John The Savage, a grou Kitchen Voodoo ,Today in Milwaukee more

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