Psychiatry has often become a retail arm of the pharmaceutical industry, with psychology as the industry’s PR department. But there are discontents. Aside from their side effects, psychotropic drugs tend to redress symptoms without addressi... Read more

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For most, fitness since the “Arnold era” means a gym with cardio equipment, free weights, mirrors and machines, and people counting out reps and sets. That's fine. Some people prefer that. But because machines isolate particular muscle gr Read more

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The Nazarenes recorded with producer Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred in the U.S. Virgin Islands near the Jamaican birthplace of Rastafarianism, but the brothers were born in Ethiopia and claim their family “worked” for the late emperor, H Read more

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A woman’s hand, followed by a man’s arm, touch on a blank white surface. The man’s voice is heard as the back of her head appears. Most scenes to follow are acutely aware of themselves as being a film, an artifact, not merely a window onto realit.. Read more

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­It seems only fitting that I dedicate my annual Memorial Day Mix entirely to Baltimore club music, since Baltimore's house-derived strain of rap music has been on the cusp of national notoriety for months now. If you're not familiar with Baltimor.. Read more

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And as the season continues to fade-out, Insurgent Theatre and Alamo Basement Productions present yet another in their series of 24 hour theatre shows. Play In A Day 4 will be the two company’s latest foray into instant theatre. The idea is this: .. Read more


The Brewers just traded Tony Gwynn, Jr. to the San Diego Padres for CFJody Gerut. The rumor cam from a SD radio station and Tom H of theJournal-Sentinel got it confirmed.From the J-S: “Gerut, 31, wasbatting .221 with four home runs and 14 RBI i.. Read more

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Endless options and misleading marketing ploys have made the hunt for foods with legitimate health benefits a chore. After all, who has time to compare the ingredient lists on 50 different cereal boxes? And even if you had the time, what do all th.. Read more

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With only a couple of months left in the season, most theatre companies are winding-down. There’s a kind of a natural rhythm to a standard August/September through May season that seems to keep most theatre companies relatively sane. There are tho.. Read more


Actor, do you want a thankless role? Then consider playing Adolf Hitler. The challenge of depicting the world’s most visible symbol of evil has defeated almost everyone. Capitalizing on his similar mustache, Charlie Chaplin gave it a good whirl w.. Read more

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Of Montreal had a landmark 2007, riding a wave of praise for their stellar Hissing Fauna, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The polka aficionados at the Milwaukee Accordion Club have booked one of their favorite groups for a show at the Root River Center in Franklin tonight: Squeezebox, an Ohio ensemble that could have come stra,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The title of Benjamin Mee’s new memoir sums up the gist deftly—it’s call We Bought a Zoo ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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At the risk of perpetuating a silly stereotype, we’ll caution that not all musicians from Australia play the didgeridoo, but Australian Xavier Rudd happens to. Then again, this roots rock musician pla,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Though it takes the unusual step of acknowledging the infamous writer’s less than pr Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The eccentric Israeli garage/prog-rock group Monotonix, which makes no effort to hide its affinity for all things Thin Lizzy, headlines an 7 p.m. show at the Borg Ward Collective with openers Call Me Lightn,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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For those who may not have heard, over the past few weeks there has been some kind of c Sports Illustrated ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Denna Haslett isnot your average aerobics instructor. In fact, she makes it herbusiness to kick typical to the curb. At Just Classes, Haslett’s newfitness studio in Wauwatosa, she hopes that others will also buck thetypical idea of what a “... Read more

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